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Stretch Mark Revision


What is inkiness stretch marks revision? ISR is a way to revise and camouflage stretch marks by using a customized healing serum instead of pigment. ISR is suitable for all ages (18+) and can be done anywhere on the body except the face. ISR is permanent as long as weight remains stable. How does it work? The goal is to create better tone texture and color. To do this we tattoo a customized serum into the stretch mark to force the body’s regenerative response to send collagen, elastine and melanocytes to the affected area. It takes about 4 weeks to heal before we can determine if additional sessions will be required. You can expect to see 50%-70% improvement after one session but may take up to 5 to reach your goal. Most clients get 1-4 sessions. The most exciting thing is you can be tan or not to get the treatment and you never have to worry about pigment not matching skin tone or fading over time. price depending on area will be determined at consultation :)

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