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Nano hair strokes

Powder Brow


Combo Brow

                DO NOT BOOK IF:

• You are under the age of 18
• Pregnant or nursing
• Diabetic
• Taking blood thinning medication and    can not get off of blood thinners for a     week.
• Botox 3-4 weeks prior
• Skin sensitivities/issues around brow (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis)


                So what is permanent makeup???
Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattoo that provides the convenience of not having to reapply makeup daily. It enhances your beauty by updating and rejuvenating your appearance, and since it is a tattoo, permanent makeup is water proof and will not smudge can make your eyebrows fuller, create a new shape and enhance your eyes with eyeliner, and much more through the application of permanent makeup!

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Henna & Laminate Brows


                                 New for 2022!!

Very excited to offer in February - 2 new services! have you ever wanted to try Henna Brow or Brow Laminating? I have searched for the best of the best products out there and am pleased to offer Product lines from Mrs.Highbrow! we will be adding our services soon on our booking page! 

updates coming soon!


           Who benefits from Cosmetic Tattooing?


  • Busy people with little time to re-apply makeup

  • People who want to look their best at all times

  • People with breast reconstruction breast cancer survivors 

  • People with poor eyesight or physical limitations.

  • People seeking corrections for asymmetrical features.

  • Swimmers and sports enthusiasts of all types.

  • Sufferers of Cancer, Burns, Alopecia Areata, Vitiligo or Trichotillomania.