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Meet Heide


Heide is a certified micro pigmentation medical practitioner specializing in permanent makeup for eyebrows, Microblading powder ombre and lash enhancement tattoo.  Heide has extensive training in Areola and camouflage tattooing. She received her education at the Beau Institute in Mt. Laurel, NJ, Brow Effects Miami Fla. Phi brows, and Nouveau Contour as well as being taught and certified  by one of the best Areola medical tattoo artists out there today to the likes of Vicky Martin, and Kally Moorehouse. Heide is very passionate about her medical work and believes cancer survivors deserve the very best medical tattooing to finish their long, tough journey leaving them feeling complete again. 

She is a member of the American Academy of Micro pigmentation, has her certification in blood borne pathogens, and is CPR certified. Heide is also a professional colorist and artist, expanding her craft and using her long history with color to inform her practice of permanent makeup.

“Women today have choices about how to feel good about themselves. Permanent makeup is a brilliant way to express yourself without daily application, a look that looks effortless.” 

Heide’s practice goes beyond replacing makeup. Her work with clients who have scarring from surgical procedures is the most rewarding part of her work. “Knowing that I can help to bring a good feeling to someone who has been through trauma or living with a condition and make them feel more whole is the best part of what I do.” Heide’s talent and skill in color theory are the underpinnings of her permanent makeup practice. Understanding how color works with each person’s skin tone is a critical component for success.

When she is not practicing permanent makeup, Heide is attending trainings and conferences to learn the latest techniques and technology from other micropigmentation professionals. She also takes time for her artistic endeavors of painting, drawing and sculpting, Heide is also working on a get away property for 2023 to offer people who have dealt with trauma a place to go for some quiet time at no cost to enjoy the woods and lakes of maine! stay tuned!

HEIDE CONLIN NH LICENSE # 3402, NPI 1790385532

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  Please use Booking page to consult or book. All other communications please feel free to contact! When contacting please Address who you need to reach.  Located in the beautiful Town of Exeter.   We are right on the bridge!! 
18 String Bridge, Exeter NH 03833    1866-603-2769

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